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BWM introduces ALL NEW StrongLiver, a daily food supplement that provides support to the liver for eliminating toxins. The natural extracts found in StrongLiver, such as artichoke and sarsaparilla, will support your liver’s ability to successfully eliminate the toxins we ingest on a daily basis.

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StrongLiver is an all natural hangover remedy* and liver supplement. It is designed to break down toxins & support overall liver health.

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StrongLiver is packed with antioxidants! Where else can you find over 1500 ORAC units packed in two small capsules

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is a measure that determines certain values in the foods we eat that help us enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Up until now, the only method for dealing with a hangover was patience and pain medication.  This approach only starts working AFTER the hangover has already taken hold.  What if you could deal with the effects BEFORE the symptoms bring you to your knees?

    The big difference with StrongLiver© is that, when taken as directed, the hangover never materializes in the first place! No downtime or productivity loss at work while the aspirin takes effect.

    Maybe even more importantly, the toxins get filtered an flushed out of your system a lot faster with StrongLiver. It simply improves the liver’s natural ability to efficiently filter and flush toxins.  None of the negative health impacts (headache, nausea, shaking) caused by an unbalanced endocrine system happen either.*

    Make sure you take StrongLiver with water as directed.

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    Most people who now buy StrongLiver© and who benefit most from it are actually light to moderate drinkers who have that “one extra” that brings on a hangover.  Chronic overindulging in alcohol is a symptom of a larger problem that needs treatment.  While StrongLiver can help in alleviating the “next day” effects of heavy drinking*, it is not a substitute for treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD – commonly know as Alcoholism).

    Proper Use For Light and Moderate Drinkers*

    Light and moderate drinkers as make up the majority of people who experience lost work time and productivity from overindulging. The negative impact of the hangover is immense and now something can be done about it.  StrongLiver can help you improve your home and work life the day after a night on the town.

    Proper Use For Non-Drinkers*

    As a matter of fact, the majority of customers of StrongLiver are non-drinkers and take StrongLiver simply for improvement they see in their liver function*.  Many of our customers take StrongLiver even on days they don’t plan to drink.*

    Besides just feeling better and feeling better sooner, there are huge socio-economic benefits derived from helping the alcohol hangover. Several studies have indicated that over $150 Billion a year is lost by American businesses due to the alcohol hangover –employees coming into work late, not coming in at all, and ever if they are there, just not being very productive while they are there.

    StrongLiver© works by supporting a healthy liver to eliminate hangover inducing toxins associated with moderate alcohol consumption. Our slogan is StrongLiver© Think BEFORE You Drink because you take three capsules before you have your first drink in order to “jump start” your liver’s increased detoxifying capability. Then you finish the evening with three more capsules to sustain enhanced liver function. Metabolizing alcohol is hard work for the liver, and StrongLiver© simply helps it out by providing a couple key nutrients that let the liver “rise to the task” under the stress of alcohol consumption. The reason that StrongLiver© works is simple – it’s a natural liver function enhancer, and by taking three capsules before and three after drinking, your liver reaches and maintains a higher level function for metabolizing the ethanol.*

    That’s where StrongLiver© come in! Alcohol has to be broken down by the liver into sugars and toxic substances before it can eliminated to bring your body back to normal. StrongLiver is specially formulated from natural ingredients to help your liver work more efficiently and assist with detoxification when you’ve had a drink or two, or three. StrongLiver© is simply a combination of two natural growing substances that are then combined into a “super food”.*

    You get better liver health and higher liver efficiency that helps with detoxification of all kinds. Even if you don’t drink making StrongLiver© a daily habit will help your body deal with other toxins.*

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