Water Health Part I, the elixir of life – your health and body

Part 1 of 3 in this series on water

Water health and its effect on your bodyWater is a vital nutrient to the health of every cell in your body.  It does so many things for your body that it’s importance cannot be understated.   History has shown that the civilizations that had the cleanest and purest water were often the strongest, healthiest and most vibrant civilizations of their era.   But what does water actually DO for your body?

Water’s Role in Digestion, Metabolism, Cellular Health and Energy

Water serves a number of physiological functions, including:

  • Water is the basis of saliva, which begins the digestion process in the mouth.
  • In the digestive process, water metabolizes the carbohydrates and proteins from the food and drink you consume.
  • Once digested, water transports the nutrients & energy released this from metabolism to your body’s cells.  These provide the nourishment to help cells repair themselves and perform .
  • Improved digestion translates to improved immune system function.
  • It assists in flushing out waste and toxins. Most of this is done through sweating, urination & breathing (the moisture in your breath).
  • Water lubricates your joints.  This will minimize any feelings of stiffness or soreness.
  • It regulates the body’s temperature through sweating.

Healthy Liver, Healthy Living

StrongLiver Healthly Liver Healthy LivingLet us help you take care of your liver and not cause permanent damage.

StrongLiver can help you with both the “nutrition” and “healthy choices” front.  It is a daily food supplement that provides support to the body’s natural ability for eliminating toxins.

StrongLiver contains natural extracts such as artichoke and sarsaparilla.  These natural ingredients have been shown to improve your body’s ability to successfully eliminate the toxins ingested on a daily basis.*

More Information

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